Friday, 14 May 2010

PainOnline Home Page

I haven't posted here for a while because although I have had a good few weeks, and have done some lovely things including seeing my daughter Abigail play in a concert, and also seeing King Lear at Stratford which was a really special occasion for me, I have been in a great deal of pain and somehow this has just meant that I have been incapable of just sitting and writing. Living in this level of pain is exhausting and just robs me of my joy in life sometimes. Mostly I do deal with it well - I think I do anyway - but lately I have been running out of steam and so I am including a link to a site which explains all the symptoms and what they mean etc. The pain and the cramps and the electrical shortcuts that fizz through my system are so hard to deal with, and I have managed to live creatively but now, as I get older and more worn out, the constant battle is slowly grinding me down.

Nevertheless I will get on top again. But for now - here is the link PainOnline Home Page.