Tuesday, 29 April 2014

guild night

So to Rhos for our embroiderers guild meeting. i felt my time had been wasted when about 20 minutes and a few slides in the speaker said that that was that and we could go and look at her work and her workbooks, which were interesting but not spectacularly so. I can do without work based on car parts and air filters, concept art which doesn't particularly interest me.Maybe that was my fault but we had had a lovely day up to that point looking at a wonderful new exhibition in Ruthin craft centre of which more when I get the photos done, and possibly I was not really in a mood to be receptive.

Today the weather is glorious and we are stuck here as I get the washing and ironing done for going away to Southampton. I hope its worth it!

Friday, 25 April 2014

70th birthday greetings

Today would have been Brendas's 70th birthday so J and I had a day out in her honour. We went to Chester Zoo because that was a place that she liked, and that we both really enjoy. The best part of the trip today was seeing the Spider Monkey who did a trapeze artist dismount and more or less fell through the tree he was aiming at. Monkeys always fascinate me, their hands, their faces, their tales especially when they are prehensile like those of the spider monkeys. It was only a quick spin through the zoo as it was crowded and we can go back when the human animal babies are back at school. Some schools are back already after Easter but not all as we discovered.

Next we had lunch at The Bells in Christleton and excellent it was too, pizzas, tea and a biscuit. We tried to go to the antiques emporium whose name I have forgotten which is south of Nantwhich but the traffic!!! There were queues everywhere including queues to get off roundabouts. We went to Nantwich in the end, and spent a half hour in the Oxfam shop there. The woman in charge told us that  she had been asked to take a personal delivery of some books and CDs and she had agreed thinking that there might be a van full. In the event, two removal lorries turned up. These had belonged to someone who had ended with just enough room to sleep in. A moral there methinks.

Thence to Bunbury and a coffee in a pub, where I sat with dripping hair, and the dog was made a fuss of and given treats which she really doesn't need. And finally home.

This is the second time this week that I have been soaked to the skin and I have a sore throat. I have fingers crossed that it will subside and my cough improve before we go to Petersfield.

Son back off ship yesterday but I have yet to hear from him and we are supposed to be going down there come Friday. I wish we hadn't booked now. It would be easier to be ignored at home than if we have made the trip down and are made to look like fools by a no-show. Oh well! Plus ca change as I have said on more than one occasion in my life.

And just to finish.. a photo of Marthadog. xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A New Start

I have finally decided to invest in myself and my belief that one day I will write something that matters. To this end, here is the first posting on my brand new Mac. It cost a small fortune but it feels great, the screen is wonderful, I will be able to use my photos directly all being well, and I will be able to start to write here by a bright and sunny window in a chair that is remarkably comfortable seeing that I have been sitting here for a good couple of hours trying to get everything sorted out.

It is still hard to spend money on me. I just feel guilty all the time. Guess that is how I will be for the duration

Josephs mum is in a home. We had a huge drama yesterday when she basically had either a panic attack or a temper tantrum. Not sure which. Anyway, she has been for an EKG and thankfully there was nothing too untoward for an old lady of 89. Her BP and Kidneys were fine as mine are not... So now there is a pow-wow to decide whats next and I am not sure what they will do, they being Christine and Hilarie my sisters in law and J my hubby. Interesting times.

Thats fine for this posting but how easy it all is on this machine.