Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring and a new start.

It seems that winter is finally really over. The gardens are full of daffodils, tulips,grape hyacinths and camellias, and blossom is on the trees. We even managed to sit out for a coffee today - shivering a little in the wind and then sweating when that wind dropped, but it was the first time we did so and without coats as well. I hope that spring is a new start in all sorts of ways.
Firstly I have a new electronic keyboard that is all singing and dancing and I am enjoying playing on it and hope to do some composition as well.
Secondly I am hoping to start stitching again at some point soon. I have been away from it for too long and I need to feel fabric and thread in my hand - and beads of course.
Thirdly I am still progressing with my philosophy course at Philosophy Pathways. It seems to have taken over from everything lately, but then thats fine - it's a new venture, and if I hadn't started with this passion I might not have enjoyed it so much or have got so much from it. Much of what I study leaves me with contradictory ideas but thats part of the fun for now!
Fourthly I am here online at this blog again so with a bit of luck this is a new start as well - another new start! And perhaps I can get back to my own writing now that its over a year since Mum died and all the nastiness with my family kicked off and I can put that into perspective and use it as well. I hope so.

I met up with an old friend on Wednesday. Bill came up from London and it was an interesting if exhausting day as he talked non-stop about his life and his conversion to religious Judaism. I had no idea he was quite so Orthodox and quite so bigoted until he got here - I might not have invited him had I known! I didn't even realise how extreme some of his opinions were until I read the booklet he left me about his art exhibitions. A Jewish artist as opposed to an artist? Why not just be an artist who happens to be Jewish? He has found his theme in his religion so maybe he is correct, but it is self limiting in the extreme. I have a lot more to say about all of this so I will come back to it.

We have started 2 discussion groups here in Leeds and they seem to be going quite well. They are tiring and the discussions end up in all manner of unexpected places! I think we had hoped to make new friends through them, but that hasn't really happened yet. Still time.