Thursday, 1 December 2011

Crazy quilting.....

Well, its crazy ok, and I realise now that with such heavily patterned fabrics the embroidery cannot be too subtle. Thats ok - I have lots of bright and heavy threads that have needed using, as well as trim, and this quilt will use them up.
And underneath a photo of a very heavily used and untidy study/studio where I do my philosophy work and sew and write etc. Nothing to look at, but a haven when I'm in the mood to be creative.

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Pictures of Abergenolwyn

It wasn't the height of summer!! But the hills around this area of mid Wales are so beautiful and the little village just snuggled in amongst them.

Whilst we were on holiday there were ferocious storms and this is a photo from the promenade at Twyn. It was fantasic to walk along in the wind, see the waves pounding in, and just laugh...
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Fresh Start...??

And here I am again, after yet another hiatus.
I have been trying to learn how to write philosophy essays - thats my excuse anyway! This has been a strange year - but enjoyable for the most part. We had a lovely week in Abergenolwyn in Wales, J had a huge abscess on his arm which meant that we spent every day at the doctors or A&E or the nurse- with a final and disgusting end to it all at the LGI where the damn thing was finally evicted - poor J!

In the new year I have decided to take on a crazy quilt square a month challenge as well as the TAST (take a stitch tuedays) in order to learn enough stitches to get me through it all. My crazy quilt square are CRAZY!!

I have found a new musician whose music I really like - I had never heard of John Scofield before Cris gave me music for my ipod and now I love the stuff he does, a strange kind of jazz/blues/funk etc etc on the albums I have heard. I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of his stuff.

I seem to have mislaid a couple of friends along the way this year which is sad. I spent quite a lot of time worrying about my 90 year old downstairs neighbour Lily who had a couple of falls which required blood mopping up and hospital visits...sigh. And then lots of days out, visits to Chester Zoo (we are friends for this year) and a travelodge in the lowlands of Scotland.

J has taken longer to get used to being retired than he thought he would and much time has been spent talking around this issue.

And soon I will be 60 - thats another post!