Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dyeing wool -first attempt


These are my first attempts at dyeing wool - proper wool - with acid dyes. I thought that the process would be difficult but it wasn't, It just takes patience and a little care. I used dyes from colourcraft in Sheffield, I bought my wool from Texere - and that took ages to skein! I would like to find a supplier of ready skeined wool. I dyed 400 gms each of 4ply (crazy colours) double knit (blues and flashes of deep purple) and a silk/wool mix 100gms that I picked up in a charity shop! I have bought quite a lot of wool from charity shops lately - including loads of mohair which I shipped to Abigail in Amsterdam along with all the wool show above. I have skeined another load of wool, but want to wait until I have done a little more of my quilt, and progressed my knitting etc a little more. And I still have modules of Moral Philosophy to do!! And there are loads of books I want to read. Hmm. I am not bored!!
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  1. The wool looks great! Especially all the shades of blue :)

  2. Thank you! I loved the blue as well, but had fun doing the "crazy" stuff which will look good for a scarf or gloves or socks...