Friday, 24 August 2012

dyeing days are here again!

 These beautiful peach colours were dyed using just crimson and yellow. The colours varied because of the different weights of skein that went into the dyebath. Loved these.
 These turquoise yellow and green/greeny blue balls of wool were dyed also using just two colours - yellow and blue. One of the balls came out almost neon yellow - an absolutely stunning colour, although I preferred the other more subtle balls of wool. My DD insisted on a very yellow dye forgetting that the colours strengthen as they dry. She had a good laugh when she saw it and I am sure she will find somewhere to use it.
 All the colours here came from the same mix of colours which I had prepared in advance. I wanted them to match some silk flowers that I have and the colours came out beautifully. I did the skeins in two lots using the same dyes and each ball is different and has really interesting and beautiful passages in it. I loved all of them and was really sad to see them go. I hope Abs has fun knitting them up and I'm looking forward to seeing what she produces!\
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