Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A day out - and some wool.

 This was the rainbow we saw as we approached Castle Howard yesterday. I am sure the pot of gold must have been somewhere close-by. This was taken through the car window in a hurry so the quality isn't very good. The whole road ahead was shimmering in the light of the rainbow - I have never seen anything quite so magical.
 This is a view from the garden. The sun was shining at this point so we walked on into the grounds.
 This was the sky shortly afterwards...
 and here it is looking even more like a storm might be on its way. We managed to walk round, have a coffee outside and take photos in spite of the damp and the gloomy light. I always love photgraphing stormy skies. They look wonderful through a camera lens.
 I bought 400 gms of 4 ply and want to make a lace cardigan with it - I have the pattern. I dyed the wool simply by placing two colours into my dyeing pan and then putting the wool in. It is very random and I love not knowing how things will turn out. If I do more yarn dyeing I will have to weigh and measure, but I am not a weighing and measuring type of person. I have to knit some of the wool I have before I can justify buying more to dye!!
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