Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn days

 We have had some beautiful days out this Autumn around Cheshire and North Wales and although my camera is not particularly good I have taken some photos that I quite like. Lots of photos of the natural world because it is in their final defiant display that trees and plants are both beautiful and fragile. And the colours have been stunning this year.
 I love seeing ornamental cabbages used as plants. They always look so cheerful!
 This photo was taken late in the afternoon (the day that the clocks went back!) and we were at Audlem following the Tour(Taith) of South Cheshire.
 This lovely ethereal view was taken from a pub we found above the Cheshire Plain - we think it was called The Pheasant. Fabulous views and the food looked good as well.
 Beautiful fragile leaves/
 A late sunflower.
 The trunk of a Scots Pine - and now they are under threat as well,
 These views of trees makes me wonder what the effect of losing Ash trees and possibly Scotch Pines will be on the landscape.
 Just a quick reminder of one of my favourite areas in North Wales.
 And a picture of a Maple. How stunningly beautiful at this time of year.
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