Thursday, 25 February 2010

Been fishing on Facebook

I have found people online! I have found my cousin Annie who is now a grandma, and also Roland Rance who lived in the house Glyn and I lived in when we first "ran away" to London. There were three couples; Annie and Brian (who married and divorced ), Roland and Tammi (who also got divorced) and Glyn and me, the only couple at the time to have a "mixed" marriage, and whose marriage lasted through many thicks and thins for 29 years. I think our secret was that we were such good friends. It pulled us through what should and would have been catastrophic for other couples.

I am not sure why I am looking. I should write what I remember, how I remember it, and that should be enough. But, if there is anything I have forgotten, if there is anyone who can shed some light in dark corners, maybe it is important to look after all.

I don;t know. Maybe it will lead to more hurt and I don't know if I can handle much more this year.

We go to Leeds tomorrow. I hope the weather is ok - snow on the way again. Yet again. We are going to eat with Judy Plaut tomorrow evening, and then Rabbi Morris has offered to say Kaddish for my mother on Saturday and I shall take him up on that offer, and we are seeing him next Tuesday. I don;t know what good it will do but I am so annoyed with my brother in law. I can;t even begin to say what effect his behaviour has had on me. It has made me depressed and bitter in a way I haven't been in a long time.

I need to go and get some photos off my camera so that I can blog them.

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