Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Back in Leeds......

We arrived back at our little flat in Leeds on Thursday evening - very late. It didn't take long to unpack all the stuff I had brought (its always my stuff!) and settle into the place, and get it feeling warm and homely. I always worry though about leaving home in Wallasey - it feels as though I am abandoning it, and then when I go from here I feel as though I am abandoning this place. Presumably at some point the novelty of having two places will become the norm - that is if there aren;t staff cuts where J works. He seems to feel his job is safe enough. I don't know. It might be that the part time staff are more vulnerable than full time staff where jobs are concerned, because employers can pile work onto fulltimers that they can't onto part time staff. We shall see. I think there has been a high degree of natural wasteage in his department, so I will keep my fingers crossed for the meantime.

The past two or three weeks have been difficult. I think I might buy a lamp to use against SADS. Abs and Eric have bought one and it appears to be working - she is remarkably cheerful and upbeat and if it works for her maybe it will work for me. I had a long weekend last week - full of pain and just a down time. Neuropathic pain takes no prisoners and when it gets really bad there is nowhere to hide from it. The weather had been terrible, the conditions on the pavements and roads ridiculously dangerous so I stayed in the house. I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry - if I were to damage my left hand, how, with the neuropathy in it, could I have it repaired? I would not be able to tolerate surgery or even a plaster cast. The thought made me quite sick and so I decided that I would just stay in until it was really safe enough to walk out again.

Anyway - onto more cheerful things.

On Friday we went shopping locally and stocked up on fresh food, took Martha for a run on the playing fields at Roundhay Park and had a quiet day. On Saturday I went to the meeting of the Yorkshire Embroiderers Guild and was made very welcome there - I was even recognised by someone who remembered me from 20 years ago when I did a couple of years of city and guilds....that is some memory, or I made some impression! The talk was given by a woman who has written about and teaches courses on fabric decoration. I had done some of the techniques she described  and immediately wanted to go and buy some more velvet and get my procion dyes out and have a dyeing day! More "stuff."

I really have to call time on buying things to make and do and just make and do instead. I think its a form of procrastination really.

I enjoyed the meeting - it felt - maybe wrongly - as though it was not full of cliques and as though one would be a welcome addition to the group. It has shrunk though. I remember a big hall full of women. This was a smallish room. I guess the attempted move north has taken its toll of Guild membership.

I need to get some stitching done for the Wirral Group. We have been given squares to interpret and then Erica will put them together to make a picture. Mine is all brown with gold bits, so I have some brown fabric, organza, some gold threads and beads, and some brown velvet. That should be enough for something about 3" square I think.

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