Saturday, 8 January 2011

Another snowy day.....

This winter seems to have gone on forever - and it's only January 8th! First of all snow and ice, then Joseph having shingles and flu, and Cris coming and going and coming and going all in the space of three weeks, and now snow again. I am fighting against feeling ill myself - not entirely sure whether I am coming down with something or not, but just generally under the weather.

I think I need to set myself a project that I can actually start and finish quickly. I have several things ongoing but want to get to the end of something. Perhaps painting fabric and embroidering trees would be do-able? I need a break from all the heavy reading I have set myself. Philosophy takes no prisoners..the reading is tough, the ideas totally contradictory so that in one minute I can think one thing and in the next a totally opposite thought, equally convincing. But I am enjoying it, just tired for the moment and needing to refresh myself with something slightly easier - a silly film, an easy book, a trip to the shops (craft shop??) or something similar.

We are off to Nerja in three weeks. The temperature there was 17degrees today. And sunshine...It will be cold at nights and in the mountains but I am looking forward to my holiday. Even a retired person needs a holiday - and we are so fortunate to be able to do this. I am painfully aware of the many people struggling to live let alone go on holidays. I wasn;t able to do so when Glyn was alive and the kids were small.

My son is on the Aurora and has sailed from Lisbon today. Next stop - Tripoli. Alright for some. I would love to see the places he is seeing - even photos would do. But, somehow, he never quite got round to sharing those with us this holiday. It was a strange and tense time and spoilt Christmas. Never mind - better next year I hope.

I spotted this book at Salts Mill yesterday and liked the look of it. I might have a look on Amazon to see if they have a copy. I also saw a book about mixed media dollshouses made in boxes - cigar boxes, shoe boxes etc. They were like altered books mixed up with assemblage. Great fun but not for now.

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  1. Hi Sara that book does look good and I may have a look too at it on Amazon. Where is the place you are going to? Nerja? In the UK? My MIL in Scotland says its so cold there right now. I know you must be looking forward to the daffodills and bluebells in Springtime! (do you ever see husband saw them in feilds all the time as a boy, that must of been so pretty, and I bet they have a nice faint smell too...)