Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fresh Start...??

And here I am again, after yet another hiatus.
I have been trying to learn how to write philosophy essays - thats my excuse anyway! This has been a strange year - but enjoyable for the most part. We had a lovely week in Abergenolwyn in Wales, J had a huge abscess on his arm which meant that we spent every day at the doctors or A&E or the nurse- with a final and disgusting end to it all at the LGI where the damn thing was finally evicted - poor J!

In the new year I have decided to take on a crazy quilt square a month challenge as well as the TAST (take a stitch tuedays) in order to learn enough stitches to get me through it all. My crazy quilt square are CRAZY!!

I have found a new musician whose music I really like - I had never heard of John Scofield before Cris gave me music for my ipod and now I love the stuff he does, a strange kind of jazz/blues/funk etc etc on the albums I have heard. I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of his stuff.

I seem to have mislaid a couple of friends along the way this year which is sad. I spent quite a lot of time worrying about my 90 year old downstairs neighbour Lily who had a couple of falls which required blood mopping up and hospital visits...sigh. And then lots of days out, visits to Chester Zoo (we are friends for this year) and a travelodge in the lowlands of Scotland.

J has taken longer to get used to being retired than he thought he would and much time has been spent talking around this issue.

And soon I will be 60 - thats another post!

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