Thursday, 1 December 2011

Crazy quilting.....

Well, its crazy ok, and I realise now that with such heavily patterned fabrics the embroidery cannot be too subtle. Thats ok - I have lots of bright and heavy threads that have needed using, as well as trim, and this quilt will use them up.
And underneath a photo of a very heavily used and untidy study/studio where I do my philosophy work and sew and write etc. Nothing to look at, but a haven when I'm in the mood to be creative.

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  1. Found you SAra!!! Your blocks are pretty bright but that is how they should be as that seems to be how you like them!!!!! It will be such fun to watch as you work along!! have a wonderful holiday trip!

  2. Hi Sara, I love the bright colours in your crazy quilt blocks, they make me smile, I believe you are doing the CQJP 2012 have you done your January block? I would love to see it.