Saturday, 23 January 2010


There was grim - very grim - news about two boys who had tortured and abused two other boys - children all. I cannot imagine how the two boys who were so badly beaten will recover. There has been a lot on the news about the boys who were the perpetrators and about what will happen to them - but I think that is typical in this country, which never seems to deal with the victims. The victims in this case will be not only the children themselves - poor poor boys - but their parents who will feel that they should have kept their boys safe and failed.

Meanwhile in Haiti, a surgeon was interviewed on the news, and he actually broke down and cried, saying how hard this had been but that it was the only place he COULD be. I wish I were younger and I would also have wanted to go out and do something there to help. I gave money to medecins sans frontier and hope their cargoes are now getting through  - apparently they didn;t, as the US military places were given priority.

I ordered a couple of books from Amazon.

One was by Sharylin Miller about beading, and another by an author called Bartov about surviving relics of the Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust. I have never heard of this man so it will be interesting.
I also decided to download some mixed media workshops so that I can - perhaps - be inspired into making some art at some point soon. I know I will feel better if I do. Too much holocaust literature lately. I must read some more cheerful literature.

Joseph and I went out this afternoon to look at a small exhibition of Edwardian photos at the Lady Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight. The photos were fascinating and as usual, I had mixed reactions to the actual gallery. They have some wonderful pieces and paintings there, but the place is so gloomy - it feels overfurnished (I know it is a museum of Lord Lever's collections including furniture) and just rather Victorian. It is of its period but I find the whole thing overwhelmingly dark. Nonetheless - a lovely Turner painting, a Millais, some Rosseti, and a few stumpwork embroidered items make the visit worthwhile every time we do go. The weather was grey again.

I woke up disgustingly late, but I find that helps the pain in my arm so I have decided not to fight with myself over my sleeping habits. It didn;t help that I fell asleep very late reading, and woke at around 4am with my glasses still on my nose and the book I was reading still propped up. I fell asleep after that, and woke again at 6 to go to the loo, and thats when I fell into my deep sleep. I must try and get into better sleep habits - but as I look at the clock I see it is 12.20am and my brain is buzzing. If I ever do get to write my novel/memoir it will be during the night. That is just how I am.

I am waiting for flowers in the gardens again. Meanwhile.....a photo from last year!!

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