Sunday, 7 March 2010

Creative days at last

Well, here are my pliers and a cutter and the little chacha bracelet I am making. I think I have wasted more headpins trying to make tidy loops than I dare admit to..but, its coming, slowly but surely, and next time the process will be easier, and my hands are getting used to useing the pliers. I have read in a book that it is better to take the springs out, but I am not sure about doing that. I have a spare pair of pliers and will take the spring out of that pair, and will try it. This little set is a new-buy from Hobbicraft and I am really pleased with them - they are comfortable in the hand and I just need to stop being so clumsy.

This is the little piece of embroidery I am working on - it hasn;t photographed too well against the lacy tablecloth but I like the feel of it, and have found some nice handdyed thread (handdyed by ME! - one of my dyeing days with procion a few years ago) and gold beads etc. Then I will have to make some sort of background - matting and layering to use card making language.

I would like to have it ready to hang on the wall in our stairway to prove I am still capable of making pretty things even if they have no message as yet.

Very quiet evening. Cris slept most of the evening, woke to eat, watch football, and has gone back to bed. I can;t say I am surprised. He had been travelling for over 24 hours and the cruise he was on finished with late night parties as well. Coming back to Europe from the Carribean must be such a culture shock! Well, I assume it is, as we haven;t really spoken about it yet.

I haven;t heard from my daughter this week at all. Maybe that is because I dared to say I was not happy about the wedding. But I'm not and I don;t see why I should tell lies about it. Come April 23rd, she will be on a beach somewhere and I will be trying to forget and in trying will remember even more clearly just why it is that I can be treated this way - that is - that her dad has died and I am remarried and she would never have treated her dad like this but I can be.

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