Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cris arrived today......

Cris got back today - it was nice to see him for all of about twenty minutes before he crashed out with jet lag and fatigue - he had been travelling for over 24 hours. And I bet there will have been some partying before he came ashore!!

I decided late last night that I had to do some stitching. I have been looking at a lot of work online with a vintage feel so I gathered together some materials...

Then some threads and a few more bits.

And a few more bits and pieces....

So I hope that by the end of the next few days there will be a piece that I am ok with - not satisfied, because I have so much to learn about design and stitching but maybe it will be alright for here and now.

And here is MarthaDog - taken last week when we were out walking near Harewood, on a bright clear day but very very cold.....!!This is the view - there was sun, but snow on the top of the hill!!

Here is hoping that winter is over and that the warmer days are coming. Long overdue for me!!

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