Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another day..

A nice day today apart from the pain in my back which is still overwhelming at times, especially in the morning when I first wake up and I think I will never move again. Joseph took me out for lunch and we went to a little cafe bar called The Olive Tree which is a Turkish restaurant. We shared mezzes and then had a wrap each and coffee. Nice food and we will definitely go there again.

I spent some time tidying as we are going back to Wallasey tomorrow and I hate coming here and finding a mess. I have enjoyed this short stay and wish this flat was somewhere other than Leeds as I love the flat but have grown to dislike Leeds intensely. I hardly ever go into the city centre, and if I do I get out at the first opportunity, and the roar of the traffic is incessant as we are bounded by Harrogate Road and also the Ring Road which are busy all day long. The flat itself is a little haven of peace. Even the work in the flat below doesn't disturb the sense of calm in the space itself, and I am wondering if we can transfer this elsewhere, by buying somewhere on the Welsh Coast or even somewhere like Mold or Ruthin - if they are affordable!

I played around with some expandaprint on fabric and have two backgrounds that I really like so I will sort them out when I get back to Wallasey - they need mounting and backing fabrics and I need to choose them carefully. I also need to finish Abigail's cardi so that I can get on and knit something else - that has just blocked everything for some reason and its annoying me. I only need to actually work about another 10 rows - but its complicated and I have put it off and put it off. No more dilly dally -  I will do it tomorrow.

I am wondering about returning to study philosophy and get on with the ethics course that Joseph paid for. I also am considering applying to do a city and guilds course but as I am always looking at that perhaps I should really do it. It is just the thought of endless samples, but then I might find some inspiration for design ideas. Just wondering as ever.


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