Monday, 29 July 2013

back at last

I fell out of bed on Friday morning.
I had been feeling a little better about pain matters, so this was a blow. I hurt my neck, my right arm which I caught on the bedside table, my back, and my left wrist. So this morning (its 1.16am Monday morning) I got up gingerly but..
We went to Sledmere House this afternoon. The gardens were glorious and full of interesting plants and bee friendly flowers, so I have lots of bee and flower photos which I will put on later today. Then a trip down memory lane for me - we went to Filey. My recollections of Filey are muddled to say the least. I went with my parents when I was small, and I remember my first view of the sea which seemed, as we approached it from a hill, to stand vertically. I will never forget that astonishment that something so big could exist.
Joseph and I went up into the country park where I remember going for a picnic with Glyn the summer before he passed away. But we took the children to Filey as well, and I can't remember whether it is the memory of my childhood of their childhood which triggers such strong memories. I don't feel emotional about it as these are happy memories whichever generation they belong to. I think that we took Abigal and Cris to Filey so that they too could have good memories of their childhood. But, as I hardly see them or speak them I can't ask. Sad.
We drove over the Wolds going and coming, and what a difference a few hours makes. We arrived in glorious sunshine, and the views were spectacular. I love the Yorkshire Wolds but they don't seem to be too well known. Good. I want them to exist as they are, rolling hills, agricultural land. and some of the best views in Yorkshire. We came back in torrential rain which flooded parts of the road. So much water fell in such a short space of time.

Tomorrow is downloading photos and doing some stitching as I have an exhibition to prepare for! And yes, my neck and back and arm still hurt very badly. But its only pain and pain is not me, and pain will not of itself kill me!

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