Sunday, 8 November 2009

first posting

The first posting in this new blog. I want it for once, to be about me, the real me, to share what I am thinking, hoping, fearing, creating. I want to learn how to use its features, to learn to write honestly instead of always hiding.

I have been reading Nina Bagley's astonishingly personal blog called Ornamental and I love it. She also requires solitude, loves nature - and her dog and her walks with him - and she quotes a lot of poetry.

That is the kind of blog I want to create here, one that is emotionally open and honest, and is somewhere for me to experiment with my writing, and also my creativity - my altered art, my stitching, and to write about how my life experiences shape all these things. I am going to leave this blog open - private matters are attended to elsewhere. I just hope I can find some kindred spirits to connect with.

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