Friday, 1 January 2010

December and Xmas in Leeds 2009

I could not resist photographing this exquisitely sweet angel who was hanging from a Xmas tree in a cafe in Masham that we visited. She has such a lovely face and I fell in love with her and also the cafe in which she was so lovingly living. She had been made by the mother of the owner of the cafe and was one of many objects lovingly placed around the building. I was enchanted both by the pieces themselves and also by the love that the owner of the cafe had for her mother and her mother's creations...

This is a photo of Martha hoping against hope to chase a squirrel that has escaped up a tree - as usual....Poor Martha - she'll never learn. Maybe that's what I love so much about dogs, their indescribable optimism and refusal to grow up, because learning one's limits is certainly one of the features of growing up and then, sadly, growing older. I would like to stop learning about my limits, and just keep hoping against hope that all things remain possible - a recognised piece of writing, a beautiful and original piece of textile art, a unique altered book, a composition or book of pieces for children. I can live in hope - can't I? This picture says it all - keep trying!!

This was just a chance to take a photograph of trees in the snow. I love trees in winter, stripped of leaves, their true essence on view, and in this picture they are clothed in snow making them even more beautiful.
And here finally is a picture of Joseph on Christmas day taken in Harrogate against an incredible blue sky. I rebelled this year and we had no Christmas lunch, but went instead into Harrogate and then had some friends round for a Yorkshire High Tea in the evening - much more enjoyable than slaving over a hot stove, especially when the weather was so glorious, albeit cold.  Here he is, my true love, my lovely husband, lover and best friend. I hope and pray that we have a long and happy life together.
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