Friday, 22 January 2010

this evening

This evening I went to the Embroiderers Guild meeting here on the Wirral.

It was a lovely meeting organised by Janet Vance with members as the speakers showing their own range of work which was interesting - the best pieces by far were by Janet herself although she is a relative beginner - but not in the world of art.

 I really want to start making more - being more creative. I have had a little collage sitting on my work table for 2 weeks waiting to be stuck down and embellished, but I have been reading, and struggling with pain, and the latter has had a dire effect during these cold weeks.
I am also - sad to say - waiting for something to happen as regards my mum. It is so hard to live and work with this overshadowing all of us.


A little inspiration!!

                               I will get on with it I promise!!!!

I am going to download a couple of craft videos from Quilting Arts/ClothPaperScissors and try some of their techniques. There are several which look really good and I am going to choose tomorrow.

I am also going to buy myself a beading book by Sharylin Miller which Abigail recommended - there is a bracelet on the illustration on amazon which looks just wonderful and exactly the kind of thing I have been longing to learn to make. I haven;t spent any money on myself at all lately, so this will be my New Year Treat!!( Abigail bought it and Eric has been busy making wire jewellery which I think is quite amusing.)

I am sure it will cheer me up to have some goodies to look forward to.

And spring isn't far away it?? Some sunshine, some flowers, a little blue sky.....I love the colours of winter but I long for some warmth.

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  1. Sara I had English roses in Scotland they were soooo Beautiful! I miss my cottage we had a 125 yr old beautiful cottage but sold it rats we should of kept it!