Thursday, 7 January 2010

Living in a frozen world

A reminder of Autumn in our white and blue world.

I have over 1000 photos on my camera and need to get them downloaded so that I can blog the snow colours and views that we have been having this winter. Not unusual in other parts of the world but totally unusual here, so that it has become headline news - not enough gas, not enough salt/grit for the roads, transport disrupted, people panic buying food (? why?) and so on and so on. The road here is so steep and covered in ice and - wimp that I am - I am terrified of falling and hurting some other bit of me. I live in so much pain I don't think I could bear anything else to go wrong!

We arrived back in Wallasey yesterday. The house here was cold - very cold. It had been empty for nearly three weeks, but it is nice and cosy now, and I am sitting here, twinkly lights in the hearth, radio playing softly, dog at feet, and a pile of books, magazines and a couple of stitching and mixed media projects waiting for me so I have no need to go out if I don't want to. I don;t mind snow, I don;t mind getting wet or cold, but I am so scared of there is plenty to keep my mind occupied and there is plenty (oh yes always plenty) of housework to do here.

I have joined a book challenge online - to read 100 books this year, and I am on number 3 already. I have started a blog to list them as I need somewhere safe to keep the list. I did have a little red book, and it keeps getting mislaid so online seems safer, and there are vast numbers of people with reading blogs. When I looked I found them overwhelming.

I love reading - my friend Sue said she thought that it was more important to live than to spend too much time reading, but I think I do my fair share of living as well. I read 8 books whilst we were in Nerja and we went out every day and explored new places. Joseph and I go out all the time, we visit and travel and see people and experience many different things all the time, but I need to read the way some people need to breathe. My fantasy was always that I would win a lottery and move into a bookshop and have all my worldly needs met whilst I just gorged myself on literature. I almost live in a bookshop - our house has more books in it than some libraries!! I have set myself the task of reading all the books I have bought at charity shops and book sales and GIVING THEM BACK!! However, we keep visiting charity shops and finding little gems...

What I need to do:
1. Upload my photos.
2. Do some stitching and I have an idea for a mixed media piece based on something I saw in Somerset Studio - so I should really have the courage to have a go.
3. Housework - yuck.
4. Finish my book.....

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