Friday, 1 January 2010

Some holiday snaps.......Spain December 2009.

1. A picture of Frigiliano, a so called "white" village just 1 euros drive away from Nerja in the hills outside the town. It was very beautiful, even though it was touristy and seemed to be full of expats having very loud conversations about the need for pairs of trainers in the UK as well as in Spain! That was not the fault of the place though, and we visited it twice, the first time sitting at the very top of the village to enjoy the view and then going to a local bar for gazpacho and coffees and the second time to have a drink in the little bar outside the ruined sugar mill and a wander through the cultural centre.

2. Just a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets that we witnessed whilst on holiday - I love taking sunset photos!

3. A photo taken in the Cuevas de Nerja  - full of incredible formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and so large that there is a concert auditorium in the caves, a place used by pre-historic man, but that remained undiscovered until 1959 by 4 young men.

Finally a photograph - just one of many - taken in Malaga and showing some of the incredibly detailed plasterwork on the Cathedral. I had very mixed feelings about this building - as I inevitably do when I come face to face with religious buildings of this nature. I abhor what the Spanish Church stood for, in terms of the Inquisition, but the buildings themselves, although representative of enormous power and abuse of power remain stunningly beautiful and moving. The Caves in Nerja were also very moving but in a totally different way - they showed the power of nature and of the passage of time, without the haunting overtones.Posted by Picasa

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