Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Winter Weekend

The weather has been so cold, and the pavements around here so icy that it has been almost impossible to venture out safely so I stayed in all weekend, apart from a walk with the dog today. I slid up and down our road to Flyns Field which isn;t so much a field as a patch of rather well used grass at the bottom of our hill, and I let Martha run around for a while to let off some energy. Sometimes when she runs, she looks like a greyhound and it does make me wonder about her ancestry!!

Yesterday I threw out several bags of rubbish from my upstairs study and intend to do the same tomorrow. I have read a novel. I haven;t cooked as I felt totally out of sorts with myself and just couldn;t be bothered so we had an Indian takeaway this evening.

I booked our flights for Abigail's wedding party in France in July. I hope it all goes well. We fly out on the 21st and come back on the 24th, and we fly directly to Avignon (sur le pont d'Avignon ....there apparently is a bridge there) but coming home we have a three hour stop at Southampton - unfortunately.... I also booked a car for the time we are there and my account is now denuded and I will have to be careful until February which isn't a problem as I really don't need anything at the moment. I will be glad when its all over and they are married and everything is done and dusted. I don't usually wish my life away but this time - I think I will be happy to know that Abigail and Eric are finally married . I am dreading going and meeting his parents and feel very self conscious about that part of it, also they will have family present and I will have Cris and then a couple of friends, which is nice but really points up the lack of people around me that are family. Oh well.

Joseph is finishing the article he is working on - hopefully it should be done by the end of this week. We have had words this weekend and that saps my energy. Once this piece goes to print maybe things will be easier!!

Snow is forecast here tomorrow.....I think I will spend some time tidying the study, I will clean the kitchen, do the ironing, and sit down and write my piece for the writing group. There. Thats a plan.

So I need to get to bed as its midnight!! And maybe I will have the creative impulse tomorrow and be able to work on something like this beautiful quilt I saw in Birmingham! Carole Thomson made it click on it to enlarge and look at the details,) I am not sure whether I should post it here, but I want to remind myself that its important to keep going and put myself out into the world, and not retreat into myself and the house again.......

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