Friday, 1 January 2010

Last morning photographs

These two photos were taken on our last morning in Nerja. The previous evening which had been the evening of my 58th birthday - the hotel had provided a bottle of something sparkly and a special dessert as well. This photo, taken early as we had to leave for the airport shows dawn beginning to break over the Mediterranean from the window of the dining room. The photo below shows the table laid with its Xmas decoration. Christmas was just about to arrive full scale as wel left Nerja, but two weeks away from the UK and our homes here was quite enough  - an "adequate sufficiency" and I was quite happy to get back even though the temperature dropped by almost 20 degrees almost immediately!!

A good holiday is one that leaves you happy that you went, but quite happy to return home as well. And as long as I am with Joseph and have Martha Dog with us, I am quite happy to be in the UK....

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